New Mokume Gane

I am thrilled to announce that Lesley Messam has completed her New Mokume Gane Certificate.  We had an email from Japan this week confirming that her exam pieces had passed.  This is absolutely brilliant news as it is quite a demanding course; the pieces are made over a four day period and involve creating complex patterns using both art clay silver and art clay copper.  They have a long firing period and then have to be polished and finished to a high standard.   Here are Lesley’s piecesIMG_3327

I will be teaching this again in the Autumn, just need to sort out a few dates.  I intend to teach this four day intensive course as two sessions of two days each session.  There is a lot of polishing and finishing involved and the certification is only available to Art Clay Senior Instructors.  Please just use the contact form if you are interesting in booking.  

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Photopolymer plates

I regularly use photopolymer sheet to make my own textures for using with metal clay. it is available in a number of thicknesses and also with either a plastic or metal backing. I have a slight preference for the metal backed version although it is easy to cut the plastic backed version yourself with scissors and the plastic backed version is also flexible.

To make your own you need a UV light source, photopolymer sheets, line drawings printed onto transparent sheet a small clip frame i.e.. glass, backing and a bit of white card and some metal spring clips, a soft nail brush (you can buy a specialist sponge for washing the plates).  Check that it fits inside the light box before you start.

IMG_2581  I begin by printing two copies of my line drawings onto overhead projector sheet and then very carefully tape the two layers together to make a double thickness transparency with quite dense lines.  Make sure you line the layers up really carefully.

Unwrap your piece of light sensitive photopolymer sheet and remove the thin protective layer (wrap any unused sheet back up in black plastic straight away).  Place the transparency onto the photopolymer sheet and put it on a small sheet of white card on top of the back board of a clip frame.  Place the glass on top and clip the layers together so they are held firmly against each other.  Remember that the black areas and lines are the areas that are washed away and if you are using text you will want the finished plate to have the text in reverse.


Place it in the UV box and switch on – you may want to do a test piece first by covering most of the sandwich with a card and drawing it out a little every five seconds, so that you have even segments of your test piece with different exposures.  Then when you wash, dry and finish the plate you will know the best exposure time for your set up.  I know that mine works best with an exposure around 25 seconds.  Set a timer so that you know you are making consistent exposures.

Do NOT look into the UV light – I simply stuck my camera into the opening without looking so you could see what the box looks like inside.  Mine is a UV nail box but you can purchase a professional version if you really like using this technique.


Once the exposure has been completed take the photopolymer sheet out of the stack and wash it gently in hot water.  I use a very soft natural bristle nail brush but you can get a special sponge from most photopolymer suppliers.  Be careful not to over wash your plate at this stage.  It will be tacky so dry it thoroughly either with a hair dryer or in a dehydrator.    You can wash it right down to the backing plate but I generally prefer not to.

Then re-expose your plate in the UV light box without the glass this time.  I usually give mine a minute.  This sets the areas that weren’t exposed the first time.


Here is my finished plate together with the negative and original drawing.

Remember to lightly brush olive oil or release agent over your sheet before each use and I keep them wrapped in acid free lightly oiled tissue paper in a box when not being used.  If clay does accidentally stuck into your plate you can give the plate a gentle wash and dry to clean it up.  I hope you enjoy creating your own unique texture plates – they can of course be used for printmaking too!

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New Mokume Gane course

I am preparing to teach the New Mokume Gane certification course using art clay silver and copper during 2014.  I travelled to the Netherlands in 2012 to learn this technique and at the moment am the only instructor certified by Aida Corporation to teach this.
New Mokume-Gane is a method of combining Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper.  Traditional Mokume-Gane is a technique that is hundreds of years old and was first used in Japan, for forging swords fittings.  “Mokume” means wood pattern and “Gane” a metal alloy of various metals,  in this case silver and copper. 
It takes a lot of practice, time and equipment to learn the traditional technique of the old masters but once again innovations by Aida Corporation in Japan, who manufacture art clay products, have given us new techniques for creating mixed silver and copper work. 
This course is only available to Certified Art Clay Instructors.  It is £950 for the four days including materials.  (Payment by instalments can be arranged)
During the four day course you will learn six different techniques.1. Pendant in silver with copper inlay (Zougan)
2. Brooch with wood grain (Guri Bori)
3. Pendant or earrings with cross technique (Jyumonji)
4. Marbled ring (Mazekomi)
5. Pendant or earrings with feather technique (Yabane)
6. Ring or pendant oil drop technique (Yuteki)

Following successful completion of the course you will have the opportunity to make and submit pieces for examination and apply for certification (there is an addition fee for the application for the certificate which is issued by Aida Corporation, Japan).

For more information you can Lynne contact via the contact form on this website
Dates available 26th to 29th March 2014, 8th to 11th April 2014; 10th to 13th May and 3rd to 6th September 2014 (Limited places available)**

** It is possible to take this in two two day periods i.e. 26/27 March and 10/11 April or 8/9 April and 12/13 May 2014.


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Into the Autumn

It seems like an age since I have written here and the summer has been brilliant, busy and creative.

20131112-081233 pm.jpg As well as creating my own work I have had the pleasure of teaching lots of students throughout the summer and last weekend has a fun day with three women doing an introduction to art clay silver.

20131112-081408 pm.jpg They each made a beautiful pendant.
I don’t really teach much during the winter but am in the process of planning my schedule for next year. I have three pieces in the ‘Heart of the heat” exhibition in Birmingham until 13th December 2013 and am taking part in a buy local event in Whitby on the evening of Thursday 28th November, so busy sorting out work for that.

20131112-081718 pm.jpg The beautiful colours and textures of autumn are always in inspiration and I am planning to do plenty of enamelling during the next few months so keep watching. If you would be interested in taking a jewellery making or enamelling class then please just use the comment box to get in touch and arrange your date.

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New necklaces under construction

I used to teach history of architecture and design and even though I haven’t done so for quite a few years I still regularly photograph buildings or parts of them. For some time I have been doodling and sketching out ideas for a series of new pieces of work based on architectural forms. Since my good friend Lesley Messam came to stay a few weeks ago and taught her ‘Overgrown Garden Vessels’ class I have been inspired to carry this idea forward.

20130929-062836 pm.jpg Here is my little vessel that I started in her class and it is now on a long handmade sterling silver chain. You can see that it has taken the form of a little building with a door and windows. I haven’t pierced the body of the building as it does have a screw threaded lid so could potentially be used to contain something. I will probably oxidise this and then re polish it to bring out the detail of the textures.

20130929-063152 pm.jpg Continuing on this theme I have begun to construct a little vessel based upon the Tempietto in Rome. It is a beautiful little temple hidden away in the courtyard of San Pietro in Montorio church in Rome and built by Donato Bramante, dating to around 1502-1508. It has very purposeful geometric proportions. The dome is a half sphere and the height of the central core of the building is twice the diameter of the dome. I think the diameter of the bottom of the building is probably the same as the height. It has been a fantastic challenge for me to try and create this in silver clay, especially as it has 16 columns around the drum. Initially I had the height of the central core wrong as, in spite of my careful measurements and sketches I had made it full height without allowing for the dome – getting the proportions all wrong!

20130929-064212 pm.jpg Here you see it before I re-measured it this morning, scribed a line around it and then had to saw off the top section.

20130929-064901 pm.jpgThis is it’s present state. There is still quite a lot of work to do but on the whole I am happy with my progress here. The left hand side construction is not based on a particular building but more a memory of elements (and one that I can’t find a photo of). I am always happy to teach jewellery making here in my well equipped studio based on the beautiful North York Moors. As we approach late autumn and winter I tend to concentrate on new work but still teach regularly on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons an on a one-to-one basis by arrangement. Just comment here and include your email address if you would like to join one of my classes (I won’t publish your comment).

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Overgrown garden vessels with Lesley Messam

I have had an amazing couple of weeks full of fun and creativity. It began with a workshop for Julia and Andrew, helping them to make their wedding rings in sterling silver.

This is always a fun day, introducing them to tools and techniques they have not tried before and sharing their excitement at making each other a beautiful ring.



Then friends came to stay so I had a few days out exploring the North York Moors and York with them and also spending a bit of time with Lesley in the studio.

20130914-130118.jpg We made pretty enamelled rings, the more muted one is mine and the two bright ones were made by Lesley She is a very talented maker and loves using colour in her work so I am looking forward to seeing what she does with enamel.

Lesley then taught a two day Masterclass here in my studio. She taught a small group of us to make her signature ‘Overgrown Garden Vessels’ with screw top lids. This was a very interesting and inspiring class. She is a very generous and creative teacher and her approach to making screw threads in metal clay is fantastic. She makes it seem very straightforward and the technique allows the making of screw threads in metal clay in a wide range of sizes without having to buy any expensive (or unnecessary) tools.


20130914-131542.jpg These two are fresh from the kiln and not quite finished and the following one is mine.

20130914-131646.jpg I am still undecided about adding a bezel and setting a stone on the top but do think I will spend some time this week making a sterling silver chain before I patinate it and finish it off. Thanks to everyone for such a fun time; good friends, great food and lots of laughter – it seems very quiet now you’ve all gone home!

20130914-132110.jpg This week I am planning to relax and enjoy the tail end of summer. I have started sketching for a new series of pieces of work that should take me into the winter. I love this time of year; the changing colours of the landscape and the sharpening of the air as we go into autumn. I tend to take a step back from teaching and concentrate on my own work so that’s what I hope to be sharing over the coming months.

I am still happy to arrange classes on a one-to-one basis – you can contact me through my website or by leaving a comment here (I won’t publish it). I am also teaching regular short sessions in jewellery making on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons and there are a couple of places still available. Participants work on their own guided projects each week – two or three sessions are generally the minimum to create a finished piece. You can comment here if you would like more information on how to join these classes. I look forward to seeing you!

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The delicate art of painting enamels

Enamel Painting with Tilly Wilkinson Enamel Painting with Tilly Wilkinson

The delicate art of painting enamels.

Learn enamel painting 21st and 22nd September 2013 with Tilly Wilkinson
£325 for this two day workshop inclusive of some materials (extras will be available to purchase)

Learn this traditional technique of enamel painting with Tilly Wlkinson. A former Chair of the Guild of Enamellers and skilled artist and teacher Tilly will introduce you to this beautiful and delicate process, creating detailed and many layered small works of art.

During this 2 day class you will learn how to create your own miniature piece of enamel painting. We will cover how to press form and prepare a suitable base from copper shim, how to apply a suitable enamel layer on which to paint and how to fire it. In addition we will look at techniques for transferring your chosen design onto the fired enamel surface prior to painting. Using finely ground enamel pigments you will be shown how to prepare them for your palette and how to apply them to your prepared base.

Book now – limited places available

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Lynne Glazzard makes handmade silver, enamel and glass jewellery. She is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher of jewellery making, metal clay, art clay silver and enamelling. She has an MA in design, a post graduate Higher Education Teaching Certificate and is a qualified Senior Art Clay Instructor. She is a past Chair of the Guild of Enamellers and has achieved Masters Registry Level 1 for her own work in metal clay. She has exhibited widely in the UK as well as in Japan, USA and the Netherlands.

Spend a day in her beautiful studio on the North York Moors and make your own unique piece of jewellery – dates for 2013 now available.


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